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Wed, 02 Apr, 2014 12:04:34 AM
FTimes-STT Report, April 2
File picture of Customs check point at Finland-Russia border. Photo – Lehtikuva.
Andrei Beljaninov, the head of Federal Customs Service of Russia, cancelled his visit to Finland scheduled for Thursday and Friday.
Leo Nissinen, director general of Finnish customs, said the cancellation was apparently related to the Crimean crisis, although the customs authorities did not have the specific information in this regard.
Nissinen also said such meetings had been postponed in the past as well. A new date for the meeting has not yet been decided.
The Finnish authorities hoped to discuss the situation pertaining the handling of Transports International Routeir (TIR) freights, Nissinen had earlier said the halting of TIR freights at the Vaalima border crossing point was not related to the Ukrainian crisis.
The matter would be negotiated by the EU commission, the Russian Customs as well as the TIR international organisations, he said.
The Russian customs authority in mid-March decided to close the TIR freight at the Vaalima border crossing point. 
In practice the measure means Russia will start demanding additional collateral at the Vaalima point, said Jarkko Saksa, head of Customs Foreign Trade and Taxation Department.
Other TIR transportations will be received as usual at the other Russian border crossing points.
The Russian authority justified the measure saying Russia’s Association of International Road Transport Carriers owed a substantial amount in unpaid customs duties and taxes.
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