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Thu, 03 Apr, 2014 02:40:42 AM
People with foreign backgrounds more into crime
FTimes Report, April 3
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A total of 424,800 offences were recorded by the police, customs and border guard in Finland in 2013 which is 640 less than the previous year, according to Statistics Finland.
In all, 276,400 people were suspected for the 246,000 offences solved in 2013 and the number is 7,200 or 2.5% lower than last year. Around 18 out of every 1,000 suspects were people with Finnish backgrounds. The corresponding figure for those with foreign backgrounds was 35.4. 
The number of suspects born in Finland was 17.9 per 1,000. In turn, the figure for foreign-born suspects with Finnish background was 39.7. The share of Finnish-born suspects with foreign backgrounds per 1,000 was 17.8. For foreign-born suspects with foreign background, the figure was 38.4.
The review included persons belonging to the registered population, that is, people with a Finnish personal identity code. A person, either of whose parents were born in Finland, is counted as having a Finnish background. A person has foreign background if both of his or her parents were born abroad. One-half of foreign-born people with Finnish backgrounds were born in Sweden. 
File Photo Lehtikuva
In all, 64.4% of those with foreign backgrounds and 46.4% of those with Finnish backgrounds are under 40 years old.
Of persons suspected for offences, 93,300 or 88.7% were of Finnish backgrounds. There were 9,900 suspects or 9.4% with foreign backgrounds. In the whole population, 94.8% are of Finnish backgrounds and 5.2% of foreign backgrounds. Of suspects with Finnish backgrounds, 1,900 or 2% are born abroad. 
Of the suspects with foreign backgrounds, 92.1% were born abroad.
In turn, the figure for Finnish-born suspects with foreign backgrounds was 7.4%. Of all the suspects, 2,200 or 2.1% were such that their origin was not known although they had a Finnish personal identity code.
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