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Tue, 08 Jul, 2014 12:03:46 AM
Number of women NCOs drops
FTimes-STT Report, July 8
File Photo – Lehtikuva.
The number of women volunteering for military services has been on the rise, said sources in the Armed Forces Service, adding that a record number of women this year applied to join the voluntary service.
According to Armed Services Branch Director Lieutenant Colonel Vesa Tohkanen, one reason for the increased popularity may be attributed to television reality shows on military service.
Recruitment letters were also sent to women in Pirkaanmaa region.
According to Tohkanen, military service publicity increased when the media wrote about the trial in Pirkanmaa. 
Tohkanen however said the defence forces are not intent to increase the number of women recruits. “The number is sufficient for the current needs,” said Tohkanen, adding that this year’s goal is to look at methods of approaching women in case the societal need for that arises.
However, the number of women non-commissioned officers (NCOs) and military officers has not risen in the recent years. In fact, the number of women NCOs has been on the wane.
Still the proportion of women military officers and women NCOs is greater than the proportion of women recruits.
Since 2011, the proportion of women recruits has been at around 2 per cent. The percentage of women NCOs last year stood at seven, which is 5 percentage points lower than what was five years ago.
But, similar to five years ago, the number of women military officers last year was over 2 per cent.
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