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Friday, 21 January, 2022
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Wed, 09 Jul, 2014 12:11:21 AM
FTimes-STT Report, July 9
File Photo Lehtikuva.
Human trafficking victims usually face work-related exploitations, according to the Finnish Immigration Service and Joutseno Reception Centre.
The victims of work-related exploitation are usually tied to the job and cannot get out of the situation.
They are, for instance, not paid for their work and their families are threatened.
In spring, a lot of sexually abused people came to the nationwide administered system of victim assistance. Those people had been abused before arriving in the country.
In June, a total of 77 people were within the system of victim assistance.
Most of the victims come from sub-Saharan Africa or Asia.
The victims within the sphere of victim assistance system are just part of the trafficking phenomenon in the country, said the statement of the Finnish Immigration Service and Joutseno Reception Centre.
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