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Tue, 23 Sep, 2014 04:11:33 PM
FTimes Report, Sept 23
File Photo Lehtikuva
There will be a brief power interruption in in Rovaniemi and Tervola in the evening hours today, confirmed energy distribution company Rovakaira OY.

In a release, the company said the electricity will be down for a period of about 15-45 minutes as part of a nationwide disruption rehearsal essential for securing the maintenance of electricity network.

Electricity will be down in Rovaniemi from 9.00 pm and Tervola from 7.00 pm.
There will be also a brief power outage in Muurola in the evening.

However,the interruption will not affect the Lapland Central Hospital, Rovaniemi Sairaalakatu Health Centre, Tervola Health Centre and  Suosiola power plant.

During the time of power outage ,all the systems which are powered by electricity will stop such as shops Point of Sale sytems, service stations fuel delivery, water supply, mobile phone and internet connections, elavators, ATM machines, traffic and street lights as well air conditioning.

The interference will also affect social and health care sector,other health and medical centres, theatres, cinemas, sport facilities, car parks and restaurants.
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