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Tuesday, 29 November, 2022
Home NATIONALCounsellors fined for detaining school girl overnight
Sat, 04 Oct, 2014 12:08:48 AM
FTimes Report, Oct. 4
Two school counsellors from northern Finland were fined by the Oulu District Court on Friday for breach of duty and freedom deprivation.
The court observed that a girl of 15, who had behaved aggressively, was detained in school for too long.
The girl was detained in the school from the afternoon until the next morning. During her detention, the girl was monitored with a surveillance camera.
The court ruled that the action of those responsible is against the child protection law.
One of the accused was handed a 40-day fine and the other a 20-day fine.
Another person responsible for the school detention guidelines was given a 20-day fine for negligent breach of duty.
The incident took place in 2011.
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