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Home NATIONALMore than half of Finnish job seekers ready to work abroad:Survey
Thu, 09 Oct, 2014 12:00:55 AM
FTimes -STT Report, Oct. 9
Employment office in Helsinki. File Lehtikuva
More than half of Finnish job seekers are willing to move abroad to work.
According to a recent international study,unemployed people in other countries are on average willing to move abroad to work.
Two in three job seekers are willing to leave their home countries and seek employment abroad.
Finnish respondents do not consider that working abroad to improve their standard of living and well-being.The Finns are encouraged to work abroad to meet challenges,learn a new culture and earn experience.
Internationally,the most attractive place to work is the United States,Britain and the United Kingdom.
For Finns,the most attractive countries to work is Finns,Sweden and the United Kingdom.
The research was conducted by Boston Consulting Group,The Network and Uranus Oy.
More than 200,000 job-seekers in nearly 190 countries were interviewed during the survey conduct.In Finland,more than 681 people were interviewed.
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