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Wednesday, 25 May, 2022
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Thu, 01 Jan, 2015 12:00:29 AM
FTimes-STT Report, Jan 1

Three men from Syria crossed the Finnish border illegally from Russia on Monday night.

The three arrived in the eastern town of Kitee and admitted that they had crossed the border to the Finnish side the previous day.

According to the North Karelia Border Guard, the men said they were applying for asylum in Finland due to the conflict in their country.

One of them had suffered frostbite injury on his legs during the trek amid the recent severe cold weather. The temperature on Monday was about 25 degrees Celsius. The man suffered second-degree frostbite, said First Lieutenant Juha Vuorjoki.

The three made their way into the country by crossing the Kangasjärvi.

The border-crossing took place near the river’s mouth where it flows into the lake, a point where ice is usually weak.

Their risk of drowning was high, according to the Border Guard estimates.

The men are suspected of state border crime, and the North Karelia Border Guard will conduct preliminary investigation. The asylum investigation will be handled by the Eastern Finland Police Department.

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