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Thu, 01 Jan, 2015 12:05:13 AM
FTimes Report, Jan. 01

Prime Minister Alexander Stubb in his New Year’s message on Wednesday said Finland would make a strong new start and overcome difficulties with contribution of every Finn.

“Yes, Finland will do OK,” Stubb said.  

“We Finns are at our best, however, when times are tough. Through unyielding determination, Finland has always come through even the most difficult situations. Now we

need that determination.  That characteristic strength of character that drives us to greater efforts in difficult circumstances,” says the message released by the Government

Communications Department on the eve of New Year 2015.  

Tough negotiations in many workplaces, worries about the future – these are completely understandable concerns of every Finn and every Finnish family, the prime minister


“Although times are tough, we’re sure to do OK. We came through the recession of the 1990s and beyond. And Finland will come through this episode OK as well,” he said.

“In Finland, we are experiencing years of hard effort. In the political sphere alone, we have had to make unpleasant adjustment decisions. During this parliamentary term, these adjustments have been considerable, amounting to EUR 6.5 billion.”

The current government has also launched significant structural reforms in this parliamentary term. But it must be understood that this is just an unavoidable and necessary beginning, according to the message.

“Next spring, politics will be dominated by the upcoming elections. In this situation, Finns deserve very clear justifications for every promise that is given. In a tight economic situation, loose promises should be avoided. Fulfilling them may be very difficult,” Stubb observed.

But, above all, Finland deserves a strong new start. In politics, this means a unified government able to make difficult decisions – and quickly.   

“Finland’s future success requires from all of us caring, helping and unyielding determination. Together, we’ll lift Finland once again. And together we’ll do OK,” the prime minister said.


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