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Fri, 02 Jan, 2015 01:50:11 AM
FTimes-Xinhua Report, Jan 2

Finnish police admitted on Thursday that they have questioned a suspected hacker against Microsoft and Sony, but denied that the hacker has been detained.

     The Washington Post reported earlier that a 17-year-old person using the pseudonym "Ryan" had been taken into police custody in Finland.

     A police representative told Finnish national radio Yle that the person was questioned early this week by the police, but was allowed to go after the questioning.  

     The "Ryan" had been interviewed on the British channel Sky News as a representative of the Lizard Squad group. The Lizard Squad has claimed it arranged the overloading of Playstation and Xbox consoles over the Christmas holidays.

     The police confirmed earlier they found grounds to suspect the young man was guilty of "aggravated disturbance of a communication system." Such a crime would carry in Finland a prison sentence between four months and four years.

     The identity of the young person has not been disclosed. Young persons are under particular protection in cases of criminality.

     Also, the Finnish media practice is that names of convicted persons are not published if the sentence is under two years or no particular reason requires publicity, even though court verdicts are public documents.

     According to Yle news, the young person is also possibly facing charges in a 2013 case of infiltration of communication systems. Credit card details of thousands of persons had been found in his computer. The matter is still being considered by the prosecutors.

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