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Tuesday, 26 October, 2021
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Tue, 17 Feb, 2015 01:29:55 AM
FTimes-Xinhua Report, Feb 17

 A court on Monday sentenced two former senior executives from the Finnish military contractor Patria to imprisonment for aggravated bribery, local media reported.

     Heikki Hulkkonen, former vice president of Patria's subsidiary company Patria Land Services, and a sales manager of the company were both sentenced to one year and eight months of suspended imprisonment.

     Patria Land Services was also liable to a corporate fine of 297,000 euros  due to the serious mismanagement.

     The two suspects were alleged to have offered bribes to Croatian government officials to secure a sale of 84 armored vehicles to the Croatian government for 112 million euros in 2007.

     In June 2013, the Prosecutor General of Finland decided to charge the suspects involved in the bribery case based on pre-trial investigations initiated by Finnish National Bureau of Investigation in 2008.

     The Kanta-Hame District Court began the preliminary hearing in May 2014.

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