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Tue, 28 Apr, 2015 01:03:40 AM
FTimes-STT Report, April 28
A court on Monday sentenced a man to 12 year imprisonment for killing his wife at Puumala area in South Savo last year.
The South Savo District Court awarded the punishment as the allegations brought against him of beating his wife to death with firewood were proved beyond doubt.
The sentence also included a felony charge of drunk driving. 
The offense was committed in Puumala in a summer cottage in 2014. According to the court, 55 years old Ari Seppo hit his wife about the head several times with a one kilo piece of firewood. She was asleep in her bed. 
The prosecutor pressed for a sentence of life in prison, for the charge of murder. The court, however, took the view that the slaying was not particularly savage or cruel. 
According to the court, the act was not premeditated, even though the man had threatened his wife with violence in previous conflicts and had also physically attacked her.
A psychological examination of the man determined that he was fit to understand the nature and consequences of his actions.
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