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Wed, 29 Apr, 2015 12:02:59 AM
FTimes Report, April 29
Population increase by month 2012–2015*. Source: Population Statistics, Statistics Finland.
Finland's population increased by 1,540 persons over the January to March period and the only reason for the growth was migration gain from abroad, according to Statistics Finland's preliminary data.
The number of immigrants was 1,980 higher than that of emigrants. There was no natural population growth in the first quarter, since deaths exceeded births by 440 persons, the data show.
Finland's population at the end of March was 5,473,465. Population grew 2,400 persons less than in the respective period of the year before.
Deaths had last exceeded births for three consecutive months in 1942.
As per the statistics for January to March period, 5,350 persons immigrated to Finland from abroad and 3,370 persons emigrated from Finland.
The number of immigrants was 1,300 lower and the number of emigrants 140 lower than in the corresponding period of the previous year. In all, 1,360 of the immigrants and 2,380 of the
emigrants were Finnish citizens.
In the first quarter, 13,390 children were born, which is 560 fewer than in the corresponding period of 2014.
The number of deaths decreased by 690 from the year before and amounted to 13,830. The number of inter-municipal migrations totalled 53,400 by the end of March.
Compared with the previous January to March period, the decrease was 1,600 migrations, according to the municipal division of 2015.
According to the data by region, the population grew only in Uusimaa, North Ostrobothnia, Pirkanmaa and Varsinais-Suomi in January to March of this year.
The population grew most in absolute numbers in Uusimaa, where it went up by 3,380 persons. The next largest increase in population was seen in North Ostrobothnia, 390 persons. Relative to the population, the increase was also highest in Uusimaa, 2.1 per million.
The relative population growth was second largest in North Ostrobothnia, 1.0 per million. 
Population loss was highest in absolute numbers in the region of Pohjois-Savo that lost 420 persons of its population. The population of Kymenlaakso decreased by 310 persons, which was the second biggest population loss.
The biggest population loss was found in Kainuu, 2.9 per million and the second largest in Åland, 1.9 per million.
Most migration gain from intra-municipal and international migration was collected by Uusimaa, 2,210 persons and Pirkanmaa, 320 persons.
In absolute numbers, migration loss from total net migration was biggest in the region of Pohjois-Savo, 180 persons in both regions.
In relative terms, the biggest migration loss from total net migration was found in Åland, 1.2 per million and the second largest in Kainuu, 0.9 per million of the population.
Migration between regions numbered 23,000. The highest gain from migration between regions was seen in Uusimaa, Pirkanmaa, Etelä-Savo and Varsinais-Suomi.
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