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Fri, 01 May, 2015 12:05:31 AM
FTimes – STT Report, May 1

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has contacted all 240 Finnish citizens known to be in Nepal during the time of earthquake.

The ministry said there is no Finn who is known to have died or injured in the disaster.

Most Finns in Nepal are tourists.

“Some Finns wanted to leave the country, but some wanted to remain behind and help,” said Teemu Turunen, head of the consular assistance unit at the ministry.

The ministry has set up a temporary consular service point at Tribhuvan International Airport where one can get help and advice on how to get flights.

The embassy has helped with travel documents and also offered services such as printing of tickets.

According to Turunen, people are not let into hotels. Locals are also sleeping outdoors due to the threat posed by aftershocks and the risks of buildings collapsing.

“There have been Finns in the tent accommodations in the courtyard of our embassy, and they have come to bathe and recharge batteries,” he said.

Finland assumed the responsibility of coordinating EU consular cooperation starting on Wednesday. In addition to Finland, UK, France, Germany and Denmark have embassies in Kathmandu.

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