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Sun, 31 May, 2015 12:08:21 AM
No emergency meeting on MEP blacklisting: FM
FTimes – STT Report, May 31
Heidi Hautala. File Photo – Lehtikuva.
Vihreä liitto (Green League) leader and Member of European Parliament Heidi Hautala, who was included in the blacklist of Russia, said the list is comprised of those who have worked the hardest against Russia in the Ukraine war. 
She guesses that the list is aimed at weakening European Union (EU) sanctions.
Earlier, on Thursday, Russia sent the blacklist of 89 EU politicians including Heidi Hautala to EU. Those on the blacklist are denied access to Russia.
Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Timo Soini on Saturday said the issue of the blacklist of politicians will not be discussed with Russia.
Soini told STT that the list is a reaction to EU’s earlier sanctions against Russian citizens. The foreign minister considers Russia’s reaction to be expected and, in his opinion, it should not be taken too seriously.
EU foreign ministers have not discussed the blacklist, according to Soini, because there is no reason for an emergency meeting.
“Hautala has commented on the matter wisely and in moderation and I would not presume on her behalf. The ministry contacted her on Friday,” Soini said.
EU member states will soon decide on sanctions against Russia.
Soini said the fate of the sanctions depends on developments in Ukraine. If the Minsk agreement is respected, it’s possible that the sanctions may be mitigated.
“On the plus side, the ceasefire has, for the most part, been kept. I do not want to be a pessimist, but in this situation, it’s very hard to be an optimist,” Soini added.
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