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Thu, 06 Aug, 2015 12:04:19 AM
FTimes – STT Report, Aug 6

Finnish politicians find it difficult to condemn racism, said media researcher Anu Koivunen.

According to the researcher’s assessment, it is difficult for government party representatives to speak directly on racism and its opposition.

The lack of condemnation of racism is effected by the fear of losing voters, Koivunen pointed out.

Instead, the debate has revolved around freedom of expression and the opposition towards hate speech, and the politicians have not called for examination of, for example, Immonen’s links to the Neo Nazis either, she said.

According to Koivunen, political party leaders such Alexander Stubb, Juha Sipilä as well as Timo Soini would have been able to call a spade a spade, but they failed to do so.

Koivunen said Perussuomalaiset (Finns Party) lawmaker’s recent remarks against multiculturalism would have been condemned much more directly, for example, in Sweden.

According to Koivunen, Immonen would probably have been condemned more strongly in Sweden, since human rights and equality are an essential part of the national identity.

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