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Tuesday, 16 April, 2024
Home NATIONAL5 Finns remanded for Neo Nazi violence
Thu, 06 Aug, 2015 12:07:03 AM
FTimes – STT Report, Aug 6

The District Court of Central Finland on Wednesday remanded five Finns held in connection with violent riots in Jyväskylä in jail.

The five are suspected of, among other things, being part of a violent riot, leading a violent riots, assault and firearms crime.

On Tuesday, two Swedes who were also involved in the Neo Nazi riot in Jyväskylä were placed on remand by the court.

The Swedes are suspected of taking part in the violent riot and assault in the demonstration organised by Finnish Resistance Movement.

The head of the Neo Nazi group Finnish Resistance Movement known in Finnish as Suomen Vastarintaliikkeen (SVL) and the editor in charge of Neo Nazi group’s website are among the five suspects who have been locked.

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