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Thu, 06 Aug, 2015 12:09:32 AM
FTimes Report, August 06
Anti-aircraft Tank Leopard 2 was presented to the Parola Armoured Brigade on Wednesday. Photo Lehtikuva.
The Army on Wednesday displayed recently acquired defence equipment at Parolannummi, Hämeenlinna, said a press release of the Finnish Defence Forces.

The acquisition of the equipment will safeguard the country's defence credibility and sustain the Army's mobility and firepower in respect to modern ground warfare, said the Defence Forces.

“The role of the Army is to protect the whole of Finland's land area in every situation. Recent conflicts have shown that besides the cooperation of different branches of defence, the control of the land is of fundamental significance in modern warfare,” said Lieutenant General Seppo Toivonen, Commander of the Finnish Army.

According to the Defence Forces, the domestic industry participated substantially in some of the projects.
The modernisation of BMP-2M assault tank and extension of life cycle of the XA-180 M Pasi armored personnel carrier fleet to 2030 was achieved with the help of the home industries.

The Leopard 2 A6 battle tanks, the BMP-2M assault tanks as well as their support equipment such as the URDAN clearing tanks, anti-aircraft tanks as well as evacuation and ambulance tanks were displayed to showcase the Army's mobility and firepower.

Equipment to improve the firepower included heavy mortar armoured vehicle (AMOS), light grenade launchers mounted on tracked vehicles, latest anti-tank weaponry as well as modern firearms.

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