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Fri, 07 Aug, 2015 12:27:17 AM
FTimes – STT Report, Aug 7

The police suspect two foreign women for apparently stealing wallets in different parts of the country. In all, the women are believed to have been involved in 15 wallet thefts across the country.

According to the police, the suspected women stole mainly from elderly women, because they assumed they carried cash in their wallets.

The police could not establish the accurate amount stolen.

The women are suspected of stealing wallets at the end of July at least in Lohja, Hanko, Raisio, Salo, Kotka, Loviisa, Porvoo, Lahti, Heinola, Tyrn, Raahe and Kalajoki.

Last time the duo hit the town of Kalajoki on Wednesday evening.

The Oulu police have appealed for the public to report sighting of the women and the car they are using.

The police have released CCTV images of the women on their website.

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