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Sat, 08 Aug, 2015 12:28:16 AM
FTimes- STT Report, Aug 8

A number of Finnish motorists have been slapped with unwarranted congestion charges relayed from Sweden, reported Turun Sanomat, a Finnish language daily.

Despite having not driven in Sweden, the Finnish motorists have received the bills.

Congestion charge has long been levied on motorists in Stockholm and Gothenburg. The congestion levy on foreign motorists started just at the beginning of the year.

Over 14,000 complaints have been lodged with the Swedish Tax Agency this year, of which 1,500 complaints have been filed by motorists living abroad.

The Swedish transport administration admitted to the newspaper that the system recording the registration number can mix up similar number plates or wrongly interpret dirty number plates.

“The system is not hundred percent certain,” Mikael Andersson, a spokesman from the Swedish transport administration told Turun Sanomat.

The Swedish tax authority has promised to amend the incorrect charges.

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