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Sat, 26 Sep, 2015 02:39:56 AM
FTimes-STT Report, Sep 26
The Pirkanmaa district court on Friday sentenced a woman to nine-and-a-half year imprisonment for killing her fiancé with a shotgun. The homicide occurred in a high-rise apartment in Orivesi in May.
The woman argued in court that the shot was fired by accident, exacerbated by intoxication, a stumble and a lack of experience in handling firearms.
Her neighbour, however, spoke of hearing the woman's angry voice, followed by the blast.
The court found it implausible that the woman would stumble and accidently pull the trigger when the barrel was touching the back of the man's head. 
The charge of intentional homicide was also supported by the fact that that the woman told two people about shooting her fiance, but said nothing of it being an accident.
The woman did not call emergency services.
Tila Marika Tiihamäki, 36, was sentenced to nine years and six months of imprisonment.
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