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Sun, 27 Sep, 2015 12:02:31 AM
FTimes-STT Report, Sep 27
File Photo – Lehtikuva.
The use of fitness-related doping substances has become more common in Finland, reported Finnish language newspaper Karjalainen.
According to the report, Customs seized more than 87,000 tablets or ampoules of various doping substances last year, up from 78,000 the previous year. The number of doping offenses has also been on the rise.
According to Customs, doping trading take place largely online and the identity of sellers is difficult to determine.
“The crimes are happening within an international network, because the dealers are all around the world,” senior customs inspector Jarkko Helin told Karjalainen.
In Finland, according to researchers, there are 5000 to 10000 users doping on a regular basis, but the number is growing.
According to Youth Research Network researcher Mikko Salasuo, the fitness boom has only increased the number of dopers.
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