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Home NATIONALChinese naval ships first visit Finland
Mon, 28 Sep, 2015 03:14:10 AM
FTimes-Xinhua Report, Sep 28

Three Chinese naval vessels arrived at the Western Harbor in Helsinki on Friday morning, kicking off a five-day visit to Finland. This is the first time that a Chinese naval fleet visits the Nordic country.

     The fleet, comprising the missile destroyer Jinan, the missile frigate Yiyang and the replenishment ship Qiandaohu, had concluded a mission escorting merchant vessels in the Gulf of Aden and the sea area of Somalia under a UN mandate.

     The fleet is on its six-month round-the-globe voyage, which is directed to seven countries. The three vessels arrived in Helsinki via Copenhagen, Denmark, and its next stop is Stockholm, Sweden.

     The Finnish public will have a chance to visit the vessels on Sunday, according to Finnish national broadcaster Yle.

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