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Tue, 10 Nov, 2015 12:07:42 AM
FTimes – STT Report, Nov 10
Ex ATK director Timo Räty at Helsinki District Court on Monday, November 9, 2015. Photo – Lehtikuva.
The District Court of Helsinki on Monday heard the case of Hilkka Ahde dismissal from the Transport Workers' Union (ATK).
According to the prosecutor, Ahde was relieved from her duties in 2012 without being consulted on the dismissal.
Previously,  Ahde had lodged a complaint with the Regional State Administrative Agency regarding her employer’s conduct.
The prosecutor is looking for employment discrimination penalty to be handed to the then director of ATK, Timo Räty.
Ahde told the court that the former ATK director is a great manipulator who managed to get the ATK board work at his will.
Räty has denied the charges and said he did not take a position on Ahde's issue but only participated in the dismissal of Ahde through a secret ballot. He also said that he became aware of the idea to dismiss Ahde not until that meeting.
The dismissal of Ahde, the former head of the union’s communication department, was justified on the grounds of lack of confidence. Ahde said she was never informed the reason why she was dis-missed from work.
Räty was previously handed a 80-day fine by the Helsinki District Court in January after being ac-cused of work place harassment.
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