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Sun, 27 Dec, 2015 02:22:14 AM
FTimes-Xinhua Report, Dec 27

 A man of foreign origin became the target of repeated threats and later victim of violence in the town of Kajaani, northern Finland, on Christmas Day.

  A Finnish language newspaper Helsingin Sanomat reported on Saturday that initially two youngsters showed up at the man's door, armed with wood sticks, and threatened with violence.

     Hours later at night Friday, the same man was attacked and injured outside his house. The attacker held a handgun in his hand, but did not use it.

     Police later detained the youngsters. The attacker was known as a 44-year-old local man.

     In Finland, the nationality of foreigners will not be released by the police unless investigation requires. Police said they would not give further information before Monday.

     Anti-immigrant sentiment has been fanned in the country since it witnessed a burst in the number of asylum seekers entering Finland last autumn. Over 32,000 asylum seekers have arrived this year, 10 times the normal annual figure. 

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