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Sat, 06 Feb, 2016 03:11:51 AM
FTimes- STT Report, Feb 6
Speaking to the national broadcaster Yle during his visit to the Austrian capital Vi-enna, Niinistö denied having referred to the Geneva Refugee Convention as out-dated.
The president also said he neither meant that Finland would in any way violate the international refugee agreements.
Niinistö told Yle that what he wanted to say was that the Dublin and Schengen agreements were drawn up in circumstances in which the current nature of refugee crisis had not been anticipated.
President Sauli Niinistö on Wednesday said Europe cannot endure uncontrollable migration much longer and called for solutions at the European level, reported the news agency Xinhua.
Addressing the annual opening of parliament in Helsinki, Niinistö said international regulations regarding refugees are no longer compatible with the current situation. 
He said if the international norms and the respective national regulations were en-acted now, they would be essentially tougher.
The president’s speech drew criticism from opposition political parties and aid or-ganisations.
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