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Thursday, 06 October, 2022
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Tue, 05 Apr, 2016 12:08:10 AM
FTimes – STT Report, Apr 5

A conscript was injured on Monday during a hand-grenade exercise in Syndalen, said the Navy.

The conscript injured his hand, and was taken to the hospital for further treatment.

The injured conscript was serving in the Uusima Brigade. His close relatives have been informed of the injury.

The accident occurred Monday morning at the Syndalen training area, located in Hanko.

In December, one conscript was killed during a combat training exercise. The accident investigation report will be completed before summer.

The last previous fatal arms accident took place in 2005 in Rovajärvi when a grenade launcher failed to fire and exploded inside the barrel of the weapon. At the time, one conscript was killed and five were injured.

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