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Wed, 11 May, 2016 12:58:27 AM
FTimes-STT Report, May 11
Car was destroyed in a suspected arson at Myllypuro in Helsinki on May 9, 2016. Photo Lehtikuva.
Fires blazed in Helsinki again in the early hours of Tuesday, and the police suspect they were deliberately set.
In the neighbourhood of Pikku Huopalahti, a motorcycle and a dumpster were set on fire at around 1:00am. 
Before 2:00am, a garbage can in Kallio was burning, and shortly before 4:00am, two more cars were burned in Ruskeasuo.
Pikku Huopalahti and Ruskeasuo are adjacent neighbourhoods in western Helsinki. Both the places are a few kilometres off Kallio.
On early Monday morning, fires were deliberately set in Myllypuro in eastern Helsinki and, over the weekend, fires were set in Pukinmäki.
The police are investigating whether the incidents across the city are related to each other. So far, there is no information on a possible suspect or suspects.
Meanwhile, in separate incidents in Lohja, two fires were set in the Virkkala neighbourhood early Tuesday morning, which could have resulted in serious damages, said the police.
The first incident took place in an unlocked laundry room in a four-story apartment building on Vallaantie, where an unknown suspect burned a bundle of clothing. 
The inhabitants of the building were awakened by the smoke alarm and extinguished the fire, but the smoke had time to spread to the whole staircase.
The police are investigating the matter as aggravated destruction of property.
Another fire occurred along Asemankuja, where a pile of wooden planks and sawdust under the stairs of a large wooden house were set on fire. 
The house was empty. The police are investigating this matter as an aggravated attempted destruction of property.
In recent days, Helsinki has also suffered from multiple fires and the police suspect that the fires were deliberately set.
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