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Wed, 06 Jul, 2016 12:09:53 AM
Case against MV-lehti for falsified reports
FTimes – STT Report, Jul 6
File Photo – Lehtikuva.
Chief Editor of the online magazine MV-lehti Ilja Janitskini has likely requested legal assistance from Spanish authorities.
The publication has been the subject of a police investigation since May, after dozens of police reports were filed.
Investigation coordinator and inspector Harri Saaristola did not comment on the case but de-scribed in general terms how authorities are able to act in similar cases.
“If a person lives abroad, then the primary way to contact him is through legal assistance from the foreign country. The host country authorities then perform their own pre-trial measures, which the Finnish authorities have requested,” Saaristola said.
If a person living in another EU member state is avoiding the host country's authorities, during investigations, for example, then a European arrest warrant can be issued. 
However, the arrest warrant is not required, if the host country preliminary investigation pro-ceeds smoothly.
The next time the person is sought in Finland would be when the person would be summoned in the country for trial.
“If he does not consent to come to Finland, we can issue a European arrest warrant,” said Saaris-tola.
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