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Sat, 16 Jul, 2016 12:08:13 AM
FTimes- STT Report, July 16

A senior police officer was a member of Facebook group of the anti-immigrant online publication MV-lehti. The Facebook group has since been shut down.

The officer, Marianne Kiukkonen was still a member of the Facebook group while the Helsinki police coordinated a major investigation.

The police are investigating whether the published material have features which merit ethnic agitation, money collection, copyright and aggravated defamation offences.

The closed Facebook page is maintained by MV-lehti chief editor Ilja Janitskin.

Police inspector Laura Ruotsalainen of the National Police Board did not comment on the isolated incident. However, according to the police inspector, the writings on the Facebook group could be consequential for the police officer.

“According to the law, a police officer must behave in office and in private life in a way which does not compromise the confidence in police work. The premise is, however, the freedom of expression for the police officer as well,” said Ruotsalainen.

Marianne Kiukkonen, the police officer involved in the closed Facebook group is previously known for, among other things, the television series “Poliisit”. In 2015, she was a candidate in the parliamentary elections from the itsenäisyyspuolue (Independence Party).

“The (Facebook) group under the question concerns a number of police officers. Does a legal reporter think that monitoring discussion or commenting is a crime?" Kiukkonen commented to news agency STT on Facebook and did not want to say further over phone.

STT, however, did not confirm that there were other police officers in the closed Facebook group.

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