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Sunday, 26 March, 2023
Home NATIONALFake iPhone peddled in Helsinki
Fri, 29 Jul, 2016 12:34:46 AM
FTimes – STT Report, Jul 29
Instagram app for the Apple iPhone 4 phone. Photo – Lehtikuva.
Fake iPhones are being peddled in downtown Helsinki by foreigners for a much cheaper price than the genuine ones, police said.
At least three reports have been filed in the last few days detailing the counterfeit offences. 
According to police, the sellers have said, among other things, that they need money to travel and therefore are selling their phones cheap. 
Police warned against buying cheap phones off the street, even if the seller seems credible. 
Police are also seeking information about sellers of fake iPhones and have asked public to contact 112. 
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