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Sat, 30 Jul, 2016 12:00:17 AM
FTimes – STT Report, Jul 30

The websites of anti-immigrant magazine MV- lehti and Uber Uutiset were shut down on Friday.

The Editor of the MV-Lehti, Ilya Janitskin said on Facebook that the MV servers in Finland are down. According to him, the publication will be up later elsewhere.

Behind the closure is a terminated contract with NP Networking that leased server space to MV Magazine, said the MV-Lehti sources.

NP Networking CEO Aleksi Kinnunen said that the contract was terminated because the renting of the server space was being seen as a personal endorsement.

Kinnunen has also been criticised for earning money from racism.

The importance of MV-Lehti  for NP Networking is not economically significant.

Earlier, on Thursday the police in court demanded the closure of anti-immigrant magazine MV- lehti and Uber Uutiset.

The police justified in the documents the closing of MV-lehti site on the suspicion that the site has published messages from the perpetrators of various crimes, including ethnic incitement and aggravated defamation.

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