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Fri, 09 Sep, 2016 12:01:54 AM
FTimes – STT Report, Sep 9

Two top cats of the Helsinki police are suspected of crimes including threatening witnesses to secure statements and misusing official position.

The prosecutor’s office is considering a criminal case against them, reported a Finnish language weekly, Suomen Kuvalehti.

The suspects are Helsinki police chief Lasse Aapio and deputy chief Ilkka Koskimäki.

According to the report, Aapio is suspected of, among other things, attempting to influence witness statements in court and pressuring witnesses in a way which is contrary to the law.

Aapio could be charged with using verbal threats as well as incitement to commit perjury, said the report.

In addition, the report lists misuse of official position as another possible charge.

According to the newspaper, Koskimäki is suspected of misuse of official position.

Both the suspects, however, denied the charges.

The preliminary investigation has already been completed and the case is under consideration of charges by West Finland Regional Public Prosecutor Harri Lindberg.

“I told the reporter from the Suomen Kuvalehti that a case has come to me for consideration of charges involving two Helsinki police officers, and that the consideration of charges has not yet been completed," Lindberg told the news agency STT.

But, he would not comment on the charges at this point, and stressed that the case is still under consideration. Lindberg received the case on August 5.

“The idea is that, after a few months, the consideration should be completed,” hinted the prosecutor.

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