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Fri, 09 Sep, 2016 12:05:03 AM
FTimes-STT-Xinhua Report, Sep 9
Anneli Auer. File Photo – Lehtikuva.
Anneli Auer, who was eventually found innocent of the charges of murdering her husband, was on Thursday awarded more than half a million euros in compensation by the State Treasury for her sufferings.
According the Treasury decision, Auer is entitled to 488,800 euros in compensation for her suf-ferings.
In addition, Auer will receive compensation for loss of earnings worth 57,000 euros. In total, the compensation is 545,800 euros.
The State Treasury considered that innocent Auer was in jail for 611 days on the charges of mur-dering her husband Jukka S. Lahti, and granted her compensation of 800 euros per day. 
A typical compensation in recent years has been 120 euros per day.
Originally, Auer asked for 2,500 euros per day. Auer justified the higher amount with the high public scrutiny of the case, among other things.
Auer may, however, continue to fight in court for compensation for her jail time.
Her lawyer Juha Manner said that he will discuss whether or not to appeal the state's compensa-tion with Auer in more detail next week.
“Preliminary analysis suggests that we should take the case to the district court,” Manner told STT in a message on Thursday.
The Treasury's decision on compensation was, according to Manner, a disappointment as the daily compensation was considerably lower than requested.
Manner expected a larger compensation.
“Surely, it's possible that the compensation would not match the requested amount,” said the lawyer.
The compensation to Auer is being reported as the largest in Finnish criminal history. However, according to actual statistics, this is not the case.
“The total amount of compensation is probably the largest. Compensations have been between 100,000 and 150,000 euros, but there could have been bigger compensations,” the State Treas-ury's general counsel Pekka Syrjänen told STT.
According to him, statistics do not show what actually is the biggest compensation.
News agency Xinhua adds:  Auer's husband was murdered at their family home in Ulvila, western Finland, in December 2006. The murderer still remains unknown, according to media reports.
Auer had been suspected of killing her husband. In December 2013, she was sentenced to life imprisonment by Satakunta District Court.
Auer appealed, and the Vaasa Court of Appeal found in February 2015 she was not guilty of murder, and she was released in mid-2015 after serving 611 days in prison.
The case, together with its dramatic details, has become a hot topic in Finnish media for nearly a decade. 
The compensation for Auer was first reported by Finnish language newspaper Ilta-Sanomat.
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