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Home BUSINESSSoaring Cocoa butter prices to raise chocolate price
Sat, 14 Sep, 2013 12:00:48 AM
FTimes News Desk, September 14

Chocolate lovers can guess that they will have to pay a stiffer price for chocolate as the price of a key raw material cocoa butter has tilted sharply on the world market. , news agency STT reported quoting Reuters. 

Half a year ago each tonne of cocoa butter was furthered by 4 000 dollars, but now the price has risen by about dollars 7 000 per tonne. 

One reason for this is that Asia's growing middle class consume more chocolate. Chocolate sales have also increased in those countries where it is traditionally eaten a lot. Christmas season approaches, cocoa butter, can not wait to tilt further, the news agency Reuters estimates. 

According to Reuters, most of the major confectionery companies did not want to comment on price pressures. Singapore based Aalst Chocolate, however, said that it had increased the prices of chocolate products this year by 30-40 per cent.

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