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Sun, 04 Jan, 2015 12:15:30 AM
Money safe, despite denial-of-service hacking attack
FTimes - STT Report, Jan. 04
File Photo Lehtikuva.
The denial-of-service attack on OP Pohjola bank’s online services continued as of Saturday while, although another bank, Nordea, has overcome the problem.
OP Pohjola has limited its services for the clients outside of Finland, but kept the helpline telephone services open for them during the weekend, said the bank authorities. They said all the accounts were safe. Normally, the helpline phone services remain open only on weekdays.
In Finland, the bank’s online services remained normal, said sources.
The OP-Pohjola bank authorities said it will reimburse interest payments resulting from late payments due to the denial-of-service attack on its system, reported Yle.
“The situation has been stable since Friday night and Saturday. The prevention work continues,” said Silja Nikkanen, head of communications at OP Pohjola, on Saturday.
“Bank cards are working even abroad,” Nikkanen said.
The bank authorities advised the clients abroad to use VPN service and even enter online banking service, in case of emergency.
Meanwhile, Nordea Bank overcame the cyber attack on its online services on Friday night.
“The situation will be monitored, as it can change quickly,” said the bank’s spokesperson Marko Mettenranta.
Both the banks received massive customer feedback regarding the hacking attacks over the last couple of days.
“Some clients are concerned about the situation. But there is no reason to be concerned, as the assets and money are safe,” said Mettenranta.
The online services of Nordea came under the denial-of-service attack on Friday while OP Pohjola started to face service disruption from the New Year’s Eve.
Both the banks contacted the National Bureau of Investigation following the attacks.
According to the banks, the attacks had originated from both inside the country and abroad. The banks also have contacted the police.
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