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Sat, 05 Mar, 2016 01:45:45 AM
FTimes-STT Report, Mar 5
AKT chairman Marko Piirainen spoke at a press conference in Helsinki on Friday. Photo Lehtikuva.
The Transport Workers' Union-AKT on Friday announced that it would not accept new social contract proposed by the labour market organisations and approved by the gov-ernment on Wednesday. 
The association said they are preparing for new round of talks by the unions.
AKT chairman Marko Piirainen in a statement said that the association's decision was unanimous. 
According to him, the timeframe which Prime Minister Juha Sipilä set for the negotia-tions when he initiated the social contract negotiations last year was not appropriate. 
“AKT still had two more years left in the current contract. Autumn 2016 would have been the right time for Sipilä, when we had only three months left in our contract,” Pii-rainen said.
He compared the new contract to the Central Organisation of Finnish Trade Unions (SAK) September proposal. 
According to him, for example, the local bargaining policies in the social contract are substantially weaker than in the SAK proposal.
“All key parts of the agreement differ from the SAK´s September proposal,” Piirainen said.
According to Piirainen, the government has not promised this week to retract the further cuts and tax increases worth euro 1.5 billion, as well as to implement tax cuts worth euro 1 billion.
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