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Tuesday, 25 June, 2019
Tue, 17 Nov, 2015 12:09:21 AM

Govt shelves plan to cut pensioners’ housing allowance
  The government on Monday reversed its decision to combine pensioners’ housing allowance with the general housing support, bringing relief to an estimated 200,000 pensioners in the country.   In addition, ... details
Tue, 17 Nov, 2015 12:15:30 AM
Refugees trickle in across Russian border
  A few dozen refugees cross the border from Russia into Finland every week. The Lapland Border Guard received 33 refugees last week. The figures for previous weeks are similar, meaning ... details
Tue, 17 Nov, 2015 12:11:55 AM
  The insurance company IF is terminating 28,000 medical expense policies over the next year, the company said on Monday.    IF blames the policy cancellations on poor profitability.   The news was first ... details
Tue, 17 Nov, 2015 12:13:00 AM
  The Pirkanmaa district court has detained a foreign man on suspicion of war crimes.    According to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), the suspected war crimes took place in Iraq ... details
Tue, 17 Nov, 2015 12:22:16 AM
  The Finnish people’s desire to have children has waned with the recession.   The ideal number of children per family now averages a little less than two. Five years ago, Finns ... details
Is The Occupation Behind The Current Violence?
By Alon Ben-Meir, Nov 17, 2015
The US is “Making a Fool of Itself” in Syria
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts writes in Global Research, October 28, 2015
Influx of refugees and their best destinations
By Professor Abdul Mannan, October 3
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