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Tue, 19 Feb, 2013 02:33:25 AM
FTimes-STT Report, February 19


Food grocery chain Lidl was found to sale horse meat in its two Coquette branded products on Monday. 

The market authority announced that horse meat could be available in a beef Goulash and  Ravioli sold by the every outlet of Lidle.

Gulassin is manufactured by German company Dreistern while Ravioli is the product of French company William Saurin.

Earlier, the Finnish authority started to random search to test the adulterated food. The Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira has said it will begin testing products in Finnish stores for horse meat.

The Lidl authority however, claimed that the food items are not to be dangerous to humans, although they announced that the consumers can return the products for a full refund, reports Yle.

Research Insight Finland referring to opinion poll said that nearly half of the Finnish believes that horse meat sold in the market is from kohulasagnea, even if the product does not sell in Finland. 

HOK-Elanto Communications Manager Ralf Nyberg said that another chain Alepa has been identified by them for out of the ordinary purchasing behavior.

Official of the Product Research Unit said that Suppliers are responsible for their own-brand products and should maintain quality through proper supervision.

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