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Thu, 09 Jan, 2014 03:54:11 AM
FTimes Report, January 9
File Photo – Lehtikuva.
Finland compiled the sixth National Communication and the first Biennial Report regarding the implementation of the UNFCCC and the Kyoto Protocol in the country and submitted to the Climate Convention Secretariat on January 1, said a press release of the environment ministry.
The National Communication is compiled once every four years. It describes the developments in Finland’s greenhouse gas emission levels and the near future scenario.
The communication presents national actions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions aimed at achieving the targets set in the Kyoto Protocol and the EU climate and energy package.
The Communication also describes the effects of climate change in Finland and the measures adopted to adapt with the changing climate.
In addition, the Communication gives an account of how Finland is supporting the developing countries in keeping the climate change under control and adapting to it, as well as an overview of Finnish climate research and dissemination of information to the Finnish people.
The new Biennial Report generates concise table format data on the quantified economy-wide emission reduction targets and the progress in achieving them.
The EU has informed the UNFCCC of its shared target of reducing emissions by 20% from the 1990 level by 2020. The shares of Finland and other member states of the shared target have been defined in the EU climate and energy package. 
In addition, the Biennial Report supplements the data of the National Communication in terms of assistance to developing parties. The content of the Biennial Report was agreed in the Conference of the Parties held in Durban in 2011.
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