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Fri, 10 Jan, 2014 03:34:50 AM
Man earns EUR 800,000 as doctor without qualification
FTimes-STT Report, January 10
File picture of Esa Laiho. Photo – Lehtikuva.
A man named Esa Laiho, who has been discharging the duties of a physician for a decade in the country without having academic qualifications, reportedly earned more than €800,000 a year.
The fake doctor, who was earlier deported from the USA for fraud, disclosed the information during interrogation after police arrested him on Tuesday on various charges including death of three patients, police said.
The fraudulence of the fake physician was disclosed in an investigative report by a Finnish language tabloid in 2011. Since then, police had been running extensive inquiry to keep him out of practice which the alleged criminal had been 2001 in Finland.
The fake doctor also counted fine in the USA and was subsequently deported to Finland leaving him in destitute condition and debt.
Since 2001, he has been working as trainee doctor and doctor in different district hospitals. From 2005, he has worked as an independent and licensed physician.
Laiho used three false documents to prove his status backed by a college-equivalent qualification in healthcare from the USA.
He is also suspected for having bought his diploma from St Petersburg in Russia.
Investigators suspect that Laiho caused the death of three patients. Two cases happened in Helsinki in 2011 and one in Lahti in 2006 while five other similar cases are currently being investigated.
On May 3, 2013, a Helsinki court sentenced a man to two-year conditional imprisonment on charges of discharging duty as a physician without having any academic qualifications in medicine.
Juhani Zarianov, 32, was convicted of running an unauthorised practice as a healthcare service provider in Tampere under a fake identity. 
The judgment said the man started practising as a physician with counterfeit certificates of diploma and served several patients.
The man worked as a doctor for a couple of months in 2011, but another doctor who supervised him, sensed that he was not a real physician.
When the identity of the fake doctor was disclosed and his certificates were found fake, he was terminated.
The man graduated 10 years ago as a nurse. The court convicted him of fraud and forgery. 
The court observed that the man with his actions endangered patients’ safety. The court, however, remarked that the prison sentence could be inflicted as a conditional one as Zarianov was not convicted in any other case before this.
In another incident, on April 16, 2013, the Kemi municipal authorities detected a fake nurse working for a healthcare service of the municipality without having the required academic qualifications.
The authorities detected the fake nurse during internal control supervision and fired her.
The woman had been serving at different healthcare centres since 2001 and joined the Kemi municipality in 2011, although she had no nursing degree.
The woman admitted to have no academic degree in nursing, but told the municipal authorities that she had enrolled in a degree course in nursing but dropped out just six months before completion.
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