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Tue, 18 Mar, 2014 02:35:08 AM
Estonian Cargo crew drowned in Uuusikaupunki
FTimes-STT Report, March 18
Fire destroyed a house in Sastamala on Monday. Photo Lehtikuva.
A cargo ship crew died late Sunday night after falling into the sea in Uuusikaupunki.
Attempts to revive the victim failed, said the rescues service, adding that the victim had been in the sea for about ten minutes.
Police sources revealed that the deceased was an Estonian born in 1953. The victim fell between the harbour of Yara plant and a vessel. The cause of the fall is not yet known.
Meanwhile, one person was killed and five others sustained serious burn wounds when a fire broke out in a high-rise building in Pansio suburb in Turku on Monday.
Fire destroyed a house in Sastamala on Monday. Photo Lehtikuva.
About 50 residents of the seven-storey building were forced to seek temporary shelter, which is estimated to last for several weeks.
The identity of the victims could not be known immediately.
Some of the injured were suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning, while others have unspecified injuries, according to Mika Kontio of the Southwest Finland Fire and rescue services.
The fire started in the morning about 6:30am. According to Kontio, the fire spread from the second floor to third and fourth floor.
Nearly all the building suffered from smoke damage. Investigators could not enter the building as it was too hot in the aftermath of the fire.
Fire destroyed a house in Sastamala on Monday. Photo Lehtikuva.
In another incident, a mother and a schoolchild were killed in a fire that occurred at Sastamala in Pirkaanmaa region on Monday.
Two other children, however, managed to escape the burning house.
According to a report of Aamulehti, a Finnish-language newspaper, another child was at school during the fire incident.
The one-and-half-storey wooden house caught fire in the morning. Jari Suokonautio, the chief fire fighter on duty, said the building was already engulfed in fire when the fire brigade arrived.
The bodies of the deceased were found in the debris in the afternoon.
One person died in a house fire in Turku on Monday. Five people were taken to the hospital and residents were evacuated. Photo Lehtikuva.
The authorities alerted another older child about the fire, the cause of which is still unknown.
In another fire, a middle-aged man living in a detached house was burnt to death at Virolahti in Kymenlaakso late on Sunday night.
The fire is suspected to have started from an electrical appliance on the upper floor of the house.
The man was reported to be the sole resident of the house, while there were no other people in the house during the incident. The one-and-a-half-storey building owned by the municipality was destroyed in the fire.
The police do not suspect arson, but are continuing their investigation. 
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