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Wed, 18 Jun, 2014 01:11:00 AM
Cases of fraud, embezzlement up last year
FTimes-STT Report, June 18
File picture of immigrant people. Photo Lehtikuva
Some of immigrant groups have significantly higher crime as well as victimization rates compared to the native population, according to a report by the  National Research Institute of Legal Policy.
The research compared crime involvement and victimization of different immigrant groups and the native population in the country.
The outcome revealed  that the involvement of immigrant groups in crime varied to a greater extent.
In addition, it was noted that differences in crime rates were vast between different immigrant groups than between immigrants as a single entity and the native population.
The relation between high risk of crime and the corresponding high risk of victimization within the immigrant population is partly explained by the fact that large proportion of crimes takes place in the same immigrant group.
On the other side, other immigrant groups depicted below average offending and victimization risks.
The research partly attributes the difference between the natives and the immigrant to the high number of low and median income young men within the immigrant groups.
However, this aspect is  less significant while comparing different immigrant groups.
Everyday activities, parental control and social-economics status of families were observed to have connection to higher risks of delinquency and victimization in the immigrant groups.
The research data was based on crime reported to the police between 2010-2011 as well criminal investigations that were carried out in 2012.
Homicide and assault cases within the entire population decreased last year but cases of fraud and embezzlement increased.Traffic violations also decreased by almost a fifth last year.
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