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Sat, 30 Aug, 2014 12:09:24 AM
FTimes-STT Report, August 30
The on-duty operator at Kerava Emergency Control Centre. File Photo Lehtikuva.
A new nationwide information system is soon expected to facilitate smooth running of emergency response centres. The new system will interconnect all the six centres.
The system dubbed Erica enables one to route emergency calls nationwide. According to the Emergency Response Centre (ERC) Administration, an emergency call will primarily be routed to the ERC closest to the caller, but if that centre is overloaded or unable to answer for some other reason, the system will automatically find a free ERC.
The reform, according to the ERC Administration, is aimed at creating a national information system shared by all parties involved in ERC operations including the police, rescue services, social services, healthcare services and the Border Guard.
In practice, an emergency call made in Lapland can be answered by the Kerava ERC.
The new system will be introduced first at Oulu’s ERC towards the end of 2015, said Martti Kunnasvuori, head of the ERC Administration.
The new system will be introduced in phase and used alongside the old system.
The new system is expected to be in use at all the ERCs by 2017.
As part of the reform, the existing 15 ERCs will be combined into six.
Last year, 92 per cent of the emergency calls were answered within 10 seconds.
According to Kunnasvuori, the ERCs receive around four million emergency calls a year. Last year, the number slightly fell for the first time.
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