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Home NATIONAL500 Finns die abroad in 2014
Sat, 17 Jan, 2015 02:42:00 AM
FTimes-STT Report, Jan 17
A record number of Finns were last year in need of consular services. 
According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, approximately 44,000 cases where Finns were in need for help were recorded in Finnish missions abroad. 
The figure has doubled in a decade. For instance, the number of Finns who passed away while in abroad has nearly increased by a half in three year.
More than 500 Finns died while in abroad last year.
“More and more Finns are living abroad, for instance, pensioners who live part of the year in abroad. The elderly are also travelling more,” said Teemu Turunen, director of the Unit for Consular Assistance at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The majority of contacts made at the foreign missions by the Finns are related to travel documents.
More than 900 cases of sickness or those who had been involved in accidents, and nearly 730 Finns who were victims of crime also received help from the missions.
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