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Sat, 18 Jul, 2015 12:02:28 AM
FTimes - STT Report, July 18
Finnish author Sofi Oksanen at the Helsinki District Court on May 11, 2015. Oksanen was in court in Dispute with her former publisher Bazar. File Photo – Lehtikuva.
Author Sofi Oksanen regards the decision made by the Helsinki District Court's to award damages regarding her French pear book, as a personal victory and writers' loss. 
The dispute with Bazar now demands compensation for their unreleased novel.
The District Court considered, that the script should have been submitted within a reasonable time, and that Oksanen was liable to pay damages to the publisher of 35,000 euros.
''I'm happy as I've won the Swedish case in full and about 97 per cent of the Finnish case. That amount is so small that it does not even cover lawyers' costs,'' said Oksanen.
Although Oksanen is personally satisfied with the amount of damages, she is, however, concerned about future practices in the field. 
''The District Court's decision is completely unheard of in the sense that the writer should normally pay nothing at all for an unreleased book. Especially when an advance had not been paid for the work, '' said Oksanen.  
Oksanen is currently undecided as to whether she wishes to express dissatisfaction over the verdict or to bring the case to appeal. 
According to her, it is a case of personal liberation and the morality of the matter that are the prime reasons for consideration.  ''In fact, I would hope that I would not have to spend any more time on this''. 
In addition to the French pear book, the verdict relates to the contracts for the Swedish translations of the novels Baby Jane and Stalin's Cows. 
It was the opinion of Bazar that Oksanen had terminated the agreements without  acceptable reason. 
According to Oksanen, the reason was that she did not receive royalties. The District Court ruled that Oksanen was guilty of breach of contract on the basis that she rescinded the publishing contract. 
According to Oksanen, one big reason to be happy was the fact that the decision allowed two of her works to now be released on sale in Sweden.
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