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Tue, 08 Sep, 2015 12:43:06 AM
FTimes – STT Report, Sep 8
Asylum seekers from Iraq in Finland. Photo – Lehtikuva.
Roughly 300 asylum seekers crossed over from Sweden to Tornio in a day, according to estimates.
Police inspector Jukka Hertell said the majority of asylum seekers crossed over to the country from Haparanda in Sweden. Previously, the main route taken was through the ports of Helsinki and Turku. However, since the end of the summer, the pressure has shifted to the north.
The exact reason for the change of the route has not been established, but according to Hertell’s assessment the reason could be attributed to lack of border guards at Tornio border.
Hertell said the authorities are well prepared for the new situation and new measures are contemplated every time.
The police, for example, have transferred resources from crime prevention to asylum investigation and the Finnish Immigration Service has hired additional labour force.
Kari Hannu, a senior Customs officer said the increased number of asylum seekers has been reflected along the border especially in the increased bus traffic.
Although the Customs does not handle asylum issues, the elevated border crossings also increase the work of Customs.
“If a person comes and says they want to apply for asylum, then the Customs suspends other control and tries to pass information to the head authority that we have here asylum seekers. Such situations happen on a daily basis,” Hannu said.
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