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Thu, 10 Sep, 2015 12:02:49 AM
Protest against govt’s competitiveness proposal
FTimes – STT Report, Sep 10
Police Authorities in Helsinki on 9 September 2015. Photo – Lehtikuva.
The Finnish Police Federation-SPJL on Wednesday threatened to go on strike following the government-proposed measures to improve cost-competitiveness.
SPJL Chair Yrjö Suhonen in his blog wrote that Prime Minister Juha Sipilä’s government measures announced on Tuesday particularly target the public-sector employees.
According to Suhonen, there is an intention to collect a billion euro directly from the purse of individual workers in the public sector. Suhonen said this will be achieved by reducing private employers’ social security contribution.
Suhonen also mentioned the plan to reduce Sunday pay which will substantially reduce police income.
“The security of the nation requires the police and employees in many other sectors 24/7, all year round. This is not really a society which only works Monday to Friday 8-16,” Suhonen wrote.
The union boss also hit out at the government proposal to render public holidays unpaid in those sectors where someone always has to be on duty. According to the government proposal, Epiphany and Ascension Day will be changed into unpaid public holidays without reducing the annual working time.
Suhonen said the satisfaction expressed by Confederation of Finnish Industries-EK President and CEO Jyri Häkämies was due to the fact that EK got everything they wanted from the government on a silver platter without sacrificing anything.
According to Suhonen, the government-proposed measures will not be accepted. The move by the government, according to Suhonen, has left employees without many options.
Suhonen said the government needs a staunch reminder and, if nothing else helps, they will go on strike.
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