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Thu, 10 Sep, 2015 12:04:40 AM
FTimes- Report, Sep 10
The proposal, among other things, is aimed at tackling the root problem causing people to seek refuge in Europe, a permanent relocation mechanism for all member states, making return policy more effective and relocation of people in need of international protection.
In order to reduce pressure on Greece, Italy and Hungary, the commission proposed relocation of 120,000 asylum seekers, in addition to 40,000 people to be relocated from Greece and Italy proposed earlier in May. 
This brings the proposed number of total people to be relocated to 160,000.
According to the proposal, Finland is to take 2,398 people as part of the Emergency Relocation for Italy, Greece and Hungary. Germany will receive the highest number of refugees (31,443), followed by France (24,031). 
According to the commission, relocation will be accompanied by €780 million EU budget support for the participating member states, including a 50 per cent pre-financing rate to ensure that governments on national, regional and local level have the means to act very swiftly.
According to the proposal, if a member state cannot participate totally or in part in a relocation decision due to justified reasons, it will have to make a financial contribution to the EU budget of an amount of 0.002 per cent of its GDP.
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