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Fri, 01 Jan, 2016 12:08:01 AM
FTimes Report, Jan 1
Prime Minister Juha Sipilä. File Photo Lehtikuva.
Prime Minister Juha Sipilä in his New Year message said that the Year 2016 is “a moment of truth” for the Finns.  
“We Finns can do significantly better than we are achieving right now. For all of us, 2016 is a moment of truth. When confidence in the Finnish economy and its competitiveness is restored, the economy will start to grow, driven by investment,” he said.
Through unyielding determination, perseverance and problem-solving ability, the Finns will come through this, said a press release from the Government Communications Department on Thursday.
The Prime Minister observed that an open and positive attitude towards each other and the sur-rounding world has made Finland a unique and good country.
“We need to find this spirit again, even though Finland’s economy has experienced a seven-year decline, and the twists and turns of global politics as well as the escalation of the refugee crisis have darkened the social atmosphere of the country,” he pointed out.
He said Finland has survived the refugee crisis that surprised the whole of Europe reasonably well, despite the unfortunate events that marked an exceptional autumn.  
Juha Sipilä announced that public finances will be strengthened by approximately euro 4 billion through austerity decisions at the 2019 level.
“Structural reforms such as the healthcare and social welfare reform and the cutting of munici-palities’ duties and obligations will also help public finances in the long term by approximately euro 4 billion,” he said in the New Year message.
The major policy line on healthcare and social welfare was decided in November and the intention is to decide on the cutting of local government tasks at the beginning of 2016.
“We need more bold decisions, and a belief in Finland. The first steps in the right direction have already being taken. The Äänekoski bioproduct mill is a significant single investment decision, which will hopefully contribute to encouraging further investment in new growth,” he added.
He also underlined the need for a spirit of entrepreneurship, which will build expertise into eco-nomic success, in addition to large industrial investments.
“In many ways, we are living through a period of transition that also presents plenty of opportu-nities for economic success,” the Prime Minister said.
Terming the Paris climate agreement a good example, he said it will create entirely new opportu-nities for Finnish clean technology export companies.
The Prime Minister wished everyone a Happy New Year.
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